Schiume Festival of Performing arts

About the Festival

A performance event by laPeriferia
Schiume Festival is a performance event that takes place each summer within the frame of an abandoned military fort located in the Venetian mainland: Forte Marghera.

The Five Goals of the Festival

  1. To give citizens the opportunity to encounterexperimental, transdisciplinary projects, through a calendar of performances and events free for the audience.
  2. To valorise the work of artists and cultural operators, to create an international platform for projects, out of established circuits.
  3. To regenerate public spaces, turning them into a space for encounter and cultural production.
  4. To co-create a network of artistic projects, to foster an open conversation on the Italian and European systems and collaboratively1 devise strategies that feed on culture to open up fairer, more sustainable perspectives.
  5. To promote an ethic of sustainability. The venues of Schiume Festival are entirely set up with material discarded from the big Venetian events. Through this choice, Schiume Festival aims at valorising the resources available, creating an alternative to a consumerist approach. An alternative that valorises work, time, and care.

Why Schiume Festival?

Schiume Festival is necessary for resisting, questioning, re-building a sense of agency and responsibility in the Italian context. Schiume Festival is necessary to give young creators the possibility to stage their works, to grow as artists and professionals, and be respected as such.

Through its symposia and workshops, Schiume Festival points out the interdependence of the arts and the civil context and their mutual co-creation, promoting the re-elaboration of collective experiences and the re-imagination of ways of life.

As Peter Sloterdijk claims, the multiple, synchronic, bottom-up action of foam gives life to something radically new. Aphrodite was born from the sea foam. Schiume is the beginning of a new generation.